Private Wine Making Experience (Premium Plus wth Skins)


Private Wine Making Experience (Premium Plus wth Skins)

from 265.00

For Red Wines Only

Choose your 15-16 liter kit of premium juice (either from our shop selection or from our brochure) and receive personal instruction and care-taking of your wine-in-progress to ensure success. After the initial session (approx. 30 minutes), you'll come back to the shop twice: once to fine and clear your wine (approx. 30 minutes) and a final time to bottle, cork and label it (approx. 1 hour).  We supply everything you need — the juice, additives, corks, caps, labels, and all the necessary wine-making equipment.

For this experience, the grape skins are used in fermentation and enhance the wine aroma and add depth to the wine. 

Bottle Cost

Some people like to use their own bottles or we can provide individual bottles to meet the quantity required.

Cost (for 30 bottles of wine)

  • $311.5 ($10.38 cost per bottle) if we supply 30 bottles

  • $265 ($8.30 cost per bottle) if you supply 30 bottles

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