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Wine Making Classes

If you're nervous about making your own wine, we'll help you through the process in our winery in the back of the shop. Over three visits, we'll take you through all of the steps of the process and take care of your wine for you until you bottle it and take it home.

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Beer Brewing Classes

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Learn the process of brewing extract beer from a recipe in our basic one-day beer brewing class. It's fun and easy - we promise you'll have a good time and learn something, too! And you'll get a 10% discount on all equipment and ingredients purchased the day of your class.

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Sandy Springs Boutique Winery

People have been making their own wine for thousands of years. The process has become a refined craft. You no longer have to grow your own grapes. We provide you varietals and blended premium quality grape juice from some of the world’s best wine regions, districts and vineyards.

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